Your Thanksgiving Cleaning Checklist

With everything you already have on your plate this Thanksgiving Day, you shouldn’t have to worry about how clean your house is. Thanks to our cleaning checklist, you can knock out those looming jobs in the days leading up to the big day so you can spend more time enjoying it.

With everything you already have on your plate this Thanksgiving Day, you shouldn’t have to worry about how clean your house is. But even in the middle of basting, broiling and baking, you can’t help but notice the dust in the corner or crumbs under the fridge.

Thanks to Annointed Hands’ handy holiday cleaning checklist, you can knock out those big cleaning jobs in the days leading up to Thanksgiving, and on the day of, spend just 5 to 10 minutes wrapping up the little cleaning jobs.

  • Check your dishes. Like most Americans, you probably don’t pull out your deluxe roasting pan and good china unless it’s the holidays. A few days before the big event, give everything a good wash to remove any dust or residue so you’re not scrubbing when you should be cooking.
  • Stock your bathrooms. Nothing is more embarrassing than leaving a guest stranded in the bathroom because you forgot to provide an adequate supply of paper products. Be sure every restroom is stocked with toilet paper, tissue paper, hand soap, and clean hand towels. On Thanksgiving morning, give your countertops and mirror one last swipe with cleaning spray.
  • Deep clean your carpets. Dirt, pet stains and the stress of daily living can leave your carpets dingy and smelly. Drag out the deep cleaner a week before or hire a carpet cleaning service. No time or on a budget? Sprinkle a few drops of lavender or citrus essential oil into a cup of baking soda, apply the mix to your carpets and let sit for a few hours, and then vacuum it away, taking the dirt along with it.
  • Go over your appliances. The weekend before, clean out the fridge to make plenty of space for beverages and leftovers. Clean the stove and microwave to rid them of baked-on food build up. And be sure your blender, mixer and coffee maker are spic and span before day-of cooking begins.
  • Wash all guest linens. If you’re having overnight guests, be sure to welcome them with freshly laundered pillowcases, sheets and bedspreads. Even if no one has slept in the bed in months, dust and dander can accumulate in the threads.
  • Create a coatroom. Guests have to toss their coats and purses somewhere. If you have a hall closet, clear out your family’s coats, boots and other gear and stash in a bedroom closet to make room for visitors’ apparel. If your bedroom will act as a coatroom, make sure it’s picked up, cleaned and organized.
  • Do the dusting. A day or two before Thanksgiving, give all furniture a once-over with a dust spray and rag. Check room corners for cobwebs or dust bunnies. If you have time, wipe down wall trim where pet hair and dust call home.

The easiest way to prep for the big day? Give Annointed Hands a call and let us handle the hard work for you! Your home will be mother-in-law ready, and you can spend more time cooking up your family’s favorites (and more important, more time relaxing when the meal is done!). With Thanksgiving just around the corner, appointments are filling up fast so be sure to call us at 618.709.0238 to book yours!