What Customers Say About Annointed Hands Cleaning Service

  • positive review Caroline Gore and her team came and did a deep cleaning of my entire first floor and included the basement bathroom. My house had not been professionally cleaned in a REALLY long time. Her team arrived on time, got right to work and were a joy to have around on a Saturday morning. By the end of the cleaning, my house looked brand new! Baseboards were all cleaned, trim and doors were cleaned and wiped down and the whole house smelled amazing! They even cleaned my wood blinds (they don’t do plastic ones). I will DEFINITELY have them come clean more often with a yearly deep cleaning.

    Jennie B. Avatar
    Jennie B.

    positive review I manage a large commercial building and we began receiving services from Annointed Hands over 6 months now. If I could give them more than 5 stars, I would. They are great at what they do, easy to communicate with, kind, and much more. I highly recommend them for any cleaning needs!

    Paige L. Avatar
    Paige L.
  • positive review Have used them for a few years now and they have always done a good job for us.

    Brian L. Avatar
    Brian L.

    positive review Annointed Hands has done a great job on the weekly cleaning of our office.

    Cheryl Q. Avatar
    Cheryl Q.
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    Le B. Avatar
    Le B.

    positive review We've had Annointed Hands cleaning our house for about 2 months now. It's sooooo nice to come home from work to a clean house on those days! They do such an excellent job that you wouldn't know 2 kids and 2 dogs live here.

    Jodie H. Avatar
    Jodie H.
  • positive review We just had a deep clean done and are signed up for bi weekly cleanings. Highly recommend Caroline and her crew, they do a fantastic job.

    Erika D. Avatar
    Erika D.

    positive review Misty is awesome! She did a deep clean for us. She was prompt, professional, and did a great job!

    Linda S. Avatar
    Linda S.
  • positive review We had a deep clean done-it was MUCH needed as we both work full time and have 3 boys, a dog, and recently had a baby so I haven’t been able to keep up as much as normal. I am so impressed with their work and will be having them come back in the future! It was amazing to come home from work to a clean house, now here’s hoping my family can keep it clean-ish! 😂

    Kelly B. Avatar
    Kelly B.

    positive review annointed hands did a fantastic job on our house! we have three kids and a dog so it was not a simple task. they did an amazing job!

    Robyn W. Avatar
    Robyn W.
  • positive review Anointed hands is incredible! We did a deep clean and are continuing with regular cleanings. There is nothing better than coming home after work to a clean house! Caroline has been wonderful to work with!!!

    Chelsea Z. Avatar
    Chelsea Z.

    positive review Annointed Hands did an amazing job! We did a whole house cleaning with windows and walls scrubbed! My window slis were flithy due to the trees we have. They gleamed when they were done.

    Jamie C. Avatar
    Jamie C.
  • positive review I am speechless. Caroline and her team did an amazing deep clean on our home before our baby boy arrives. I have two shedding dogs, a messy husband and toddler 😉 I love a clean home, but sometimes I only have time for all the constant decluttering. My house is now clean, dust free & beautiful. We also have an old shower that needed a ton of tough love. I wish I took before and after pictures, because that would sell you alone! They far exceeded our expectations! Plus I felt they were incredibly reasonable given the time and effort they put into our home. I definitely plan to use their services more in the future. Thank you again for everything!❤️

    Cha W. Avatar
    Cha W.

    positive review Annointed Hands Cleaning crew gently cleans all kinds of surfaces yet knows all the tricks to clean difficult areas without harsh chemicals. Since I work from home it should be noted how respectful they are of working around my scheduled calls. Give Caroline a call for a cleaning estimate. You may be surprised at the affordable prices she offers!

    Carolyn K. Avatar
    Carolyn K.
  • positive review Wow ! What a fantastic and thorough deep clean I had done by Caroline & crew. We came home to a gleaming clean fresh home . Caroline is one of the nicest people I’ve ever met and the work they did in a day would have taken me many days . I only wish I would have done this sooner . We couldn’t be happier !

    Aimee M. Avatar
    Aimee M.

    positive review I scheduled them during the Busy Holidays and they came out on the day promised! Showed up on time and did a deep cleaning of my 10yr old Travel Trailer and left it looking and smelling Brand New! Attention to detail was above my expectations! Thanks Caroline and crew for the professional work!

    Trent C. Avatar
    Trent C.
  • positive review Annointed Hands Cleaning Services was the finishing touch we needed to get our house ready for listing. Their deep cleaning and attention to detail made maintenance easy, allowing us to respond to last minute showing requests. Now that we've accepted an offer, we're looking forward to them doing or final deep clean!

    Great job and thanks again!

    Drew C. Avatar
    Drew C.

    positive review Caroline and her team did an amazing job on my home for a deep clean! Kind people and professional service! Thank you!

    Molly M. Avatar
    Molly M.
  • positive review Hi Caroline and Team,

    I wanted to reach out and say again how very thankful I am for your team's hard work and dedication. Their attention to detail and the walk through at the end. Wow-such professionalism. My home is so clean and beautiful!

    I am so grateful. It has been such a struggle to balance everything and so my home...well, it kept coming in last.

    Thank you for helping me have a wonderful place to rest in, live in, and giving me more time for my family.



    Meghan M. Avatar
    Meghan M.

    positive review Caroline and her team did an incredible job deep cleaning our home. She was easy to work with and gave us great recommendations for how to best prepare the house for cleaning. We have three dogs, and there is not a trace of their hair anywhere in the house anymore. We look forward to having her back again.

    Julia W. Avatar
    Julia W.
  • positive review I’m 9 months pregnant and just needed a one time deep cleaning on our place. Caroline and her team were able to fit us in to their schedule quickly and then provided an excellent cleaning job. Walking back in the front door after they were here was wonderful they paid so much attention to detail and everything was sparkling ! I will definitely use them again in the future !

    Taylor A. Avatar
    Taylor A.

    positive review We have had anointed hands come for two visits so far (we are doing every other week services), and they have done an amazing job both times! I love walking in the front door to shining floors, an overall clean smell, spotless bathrooms, lack of dog and cat hair... the list goes on. These ladies Impressed me the first visit, and impressed me this time as well! I would recommend them to anyone busy needing more help in the home. They are affordable and kind to top it all off!

    Darcy L. Avatar
    Darcy L.
  • positive review Annointed Hands left my house IMMACULATE! I wanted to cry at how beautiful everything shined! She was meticulous about every detail! I just wish I discovered Annointed Hands years ago! From the floors, to window coverings, every corner and crevice was spotless!! I will recommend Caroline and her team to everyone I know!! Thank you so much for giving me a piece of mind and a feeling of complete relaxation! I can't thank you enough!!

    Suzanne T. Avatar
    Suzanne T.

    positive review Wonderful service, prompt, courteous, and professional. A joy to do business with...

    Tom F. Avatar
    Tom F.
  • positive review I have a rental property that the renters left quite filthy, especially the bathroom and kitchen. Anointed Hands cleaned those rooms, making them sparkle! I highly recommend their services!

    Chad H. Avatar
    Chad H.

    positive review Caroline and her crew are amazing! I have had quite a few cleaning services and individuals over the years and Annointed Hands is by far the best. All the spots I check to see if i think a job was well done were handled. They even went beyond what I expected to be cleaned. I am so happy that Caroline was recommended to me and I am relieved my house is so very clean!! Definitely give Caroline a call if you are looking for a cleaning service!

    Laney S. Avatar
    Laney S.
  • positive review The Annointed Hands Cleaning Services, Caroline and her crew, came to my house for the first time today. They did a Fantastic job of cleaning my house from top to bottom. Each person on the cleaning crew were polite, friendly and positive!!! They were a Joy to have them into my home!!!

    Maureen W. Avatar
    Maureen W.

    positive review I hired Annointed Hands Cleaning Services to ensure that my house was up to par upon move out. They did an excellent job. Caroline and her staff are Extremely professional. They were on time they finished in a timely manner and the house looked amazing when they were finished.

    Natoddsha S. Avatar
    Natoddsha S.
  • positive review I had my 1st cleaning 2 days ago from Anointed Hands, Caroline and her crew. I am completely delighted with their work.
    There isn't a single spot in my house that hasn't been touched. It's like Spring Cleaning! Carolyn and her crew went right to work when they arrived, and were energetic, friendly and purposeful. Obviously, I very highly recommend Anointed Hands.

    Leslie O. Avatar
    Leslie O.

    positive review We used Annoited Hands to deep clean our home in preparation for putting our house on the market. The house looks beautiful and the team did an amazing job. Wonderful working with Caroline and couldn’t ask for a better team.

    Debbie K. Avatar
    Debbie K.
  • positive review I just had my home cleaned yesterday and cannot say enough wonderful things about this team! They were very professional, kind and very hard working. My house has never looked so good! I'm already looking forward to next month!

    Mindy L. Avatar
    Mindy L.

    positive review Caroline and her team at Annointed Hands Cleaning Services provide excellent service. Not only are they very thorough in their cleaning, they are super friendly and always willing to make the customer happy! My house looks and smells AMAZING when they're complete. Their motto certainly fits them - "We don't cut corners, we clean them!" Thank you to Caroline and her team!!

    Sue S. Avatar
    Sue S.
  • positive review Highly recommend this team! Wonderful job!

    Emily B. Avatar
    Emily B.

    positive review I highly recommend Caroline and her team..very professional, timely, efficient, and courteous.! My house smells and looks amazing after the deep cleaning!

    Jasmine K. Avatar
    Jasmine K.
  • positive review These ladies are on a mission to make your house as clean as its ever been. They show up on time and stay until the job is done!
    What a pleasure!

    W R. Avatar
    W R.

    I have used Annointed Hands off and on over the past year. Every time Caroline and her crew comes I know I’m going to be more then satisfied when I come home to a shiny clean house! Annointed Hands does go the extra mile they will ask if there is something extra and or special they can do for you, and they have always delivered. Thanks to Annointed Hands I can scratch one of the many things on my todo list off.

    Kyle H. Avatar
    Kyle H.
  • We used Annoited Hands to deep clean our home before we listed it for sale. The house looked beautiful after there clean and shine.Highly recommend there services.The house sold the first day it looked so good.

    Bob H. Avatar
    Bob H.

    We had our initial cleaning on Saturday and we are so impressed ! Our house sparkles and shines. It hasn't been this clean in years !

    Caroline and her crew are professional and thorough . Their attention to detail is so appreciated!!

    Tamra C. Avatar
    Tamra C.
  • Caroline and her team are great! I would defiantly recommend her services to anyone. I love how everything sparkles and shines like new. If I could afford it I would have her coming every week! �

    Mandy S. Avatar
    Mandy S.

    I miss working with them and yesss they work very well together and always give you the best they got.

    Grace G. Avatar
    Grace G.
  • My wifes comment is the house has not been this clean since our Mom's cleaned it when we moved in. Thank you! Only complaint now she wants it to look like this all the time�

    Mitch C. Avatar
    Mitch C.

    Thanks to Caroline. We appreciate your service very much.

    Doug B. Avatar
    Doug B.
  • Just had my first cleaning yesterday and Caroline and her team were wonderful! My house is spic and span!!� They are so nice, professional and really care about doing a good job!! I highly recommend them!! I can't wait for them to come back!!�

    Kasey M. Avatar
    Kasey M.

    I can't tell you how valuable your service has been in our lives. We work from home, have 3 very active kids, and there simply isn't enough time! With your excellent care and service, I now have time to enjoy my family in those moments home together instead of stress out about needing to clean something! It's been a life-saver and a life-changer. Thank you! Oh and I love to see your smiling faces. 🙂

    Jeannette F. Avatar
    Jeannette F.
  • I just had my first cleaning this week, and my house has never looked (or smelled) so great. Caroline is friendly and professional, and I would absolutely recommend her and her team to anyone who wants a beautiful, sparkling house!

    Emily P. Avatar
    Emily P.

    As a working mom with two babies under 2, I don't have the time or energy to keep my house sparkling the way I would like. Caroline and her team are such a blessing to my family and take care of all the big and little cleaning tasks, allowing me to focus on changing diapers, cleaning bottles and kissing babies! I love that Annointed Hands is a small, local business and that they use all-natural cleaning products. I'm so pleased to have found them!

    Megan S. Avatar
    Megan S.
  • I am so so pleased with Anointed Hands! Caroline and her team always leave my home in tip top shape! Their attention to detail is very impressive. I would HIGHLY recommend them to my family and friends!

    Erika J. Avatar
    Erika J.

    Just had my first cleaning and am so happy I get to come home and relax instead of try and keep up with all the cleaning. So pleased with their service. They are so nice, flexible, and proud of what they do. So happy to have them every 2 weeks.

    Kylee W. Avatar
    Kylee W.
  • First cleaning today. All I can say is AMAZING!! My house sparkles and smells wonderful!! Every little nook and cranny has been cleaned, dusted, scrubbed and shined. Thank you!! See you in 2 weeks!!

    Janice B. Avatar
    Janice B.

    Annointed Hands were very professional and their cleaning is very detailed. I love the fact that it's a locally owned business and I ca contact the owners directly no third party.I highly recommend this company for sure!

    Charles C. Avatar
    Charles C.
  • A great cleaning service. I will choose them every time!

    Ernest S. Avatar
    Ernest S.

    Annointed Hands were very professional and their cleaning is very detailed. I love the fact that it's a locally owned business and I ca contact the owners directly no third party.I highly recommend this company for sure!

    Charles C. Avatar
    Charles C.

    Ellen J. Avatar
    Ellen J.

    I met Caroline with Annointed Hands Cleaning Services through a local business group and was in need of a cleaner for my office. Given Caroline’s upbeat attitude and unparalleled integrity, I thought she may be a good fit for my office cleaning needs. After the first cleaning, I knew I had made the right choice in hiring Annointed Hands. Caroline’s attention to detail, trustworthiness, and competitive prices are why I will continue to use Annointed Hands for many years to come. I would highly recommend Caroline for any commercial or residential cleaning needs. Paula Simmons COUNTRY Financial

    Paula S. Avatar
    Paula S.
  • Annointed Hands Cleaning Services has been cleaning my home for eight months now and I am extremely happy with the service they provide. Their attention to detail meets my tough standards, and if there is something I want changed or done differently, all I have to do is ask. Not only do they leave my home spotless, but I love the custom made freshening scents they spritz throughout my home before they leave. Because of Annointed Hands Cleaning Services, I feel truly spoiled, and I always look forward to cleaning day!

    Julia W. Avatar
    Julia W.

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