According to a study by AAA, Americans spend 293 hours each year behind the wheel – that’s equivalent to seven 40-hour workweeks!

Between commuting, running errands and shuttling kids to classes all over the Metro East, it’s not surprising our cars have become our second homes. And just like our homes, they can quickly be overrun with clutter if we’re not careful. However, with a little prep and a few simple steps, you can put a stop to your mobile mess!

  1. Take a tip from your little ones – Car cleaning wipes are great, but they’re expensive and are usually suited for leather seats and vinyl materials. Instead, stock up on baby wipes – they’re ideal for dusting your dashboard, blotting up spills and washing your windshield.
  2. Hit up the bakery aisle – Vehicle cup holders are often on the losing end of soda spills and crumbs, and cleaning deep into their nooks and crannies can be tricky. Slip silicone baking cups into each one, and once they become sticky, just pull out and give them a rinse. Plus, their fun shades can add a pop of color to your car!
  3. Give your mats a spin – We always remember to wash our bathroom and kitchen rugs, but never think about our car mats which collect more dirt and grime than their household counterparts ever could. Treat major spots with laundry stain remover, throw the mats in the washing machine, and then air dry when done. To extend the life of your mats, trade your high heels and stilettos when driving for some sensible flats.
  4. Get things in order – To keep your kids occupied in the car, drape a remote control fabric pocket over the captain chairs in your minivan or secure a shoe organizer to the back of your front seat. Fill with books, pads of paper, colored pencils, and handheld games. Every item has its place and is in easy reach of antsy tots. Plus, it can serve as a kick mat, protecting your fabric from toddler shoe scuff marks.
  5. Throw in the towel – Protect your backseats from jabs from sharp car seats by laying a towel underneath them (just be sure the seat can still be properly installed). Drape a towel over seats if Fido comes for a ride to protect them from dog hair and keep a couple ready to use as oversized lap napkins if your kids have to sneak in a meal between karate and soccer.
  6. Accelerate your cleaning – A hot, stuffy car can quickly turn into a microwave, turning hidden stains into their own eye-watering potpourri. As soon as you see a stain, clean it up as well as you can. To eliminate any smells, combine two cups of baking soda with 10 drops of your favorite essential oil. Sprinkle the combo on the stain (and if possible, open your window), let it sit for a few hours, and then vacuum away.
  7. Collect the trash – When you’re in a rush, it’s easy to turn your backseat into a trash receptacle. Purchase a vinyl trash bag that can be attached to your seats, or for a cheaper alternative, stuff a bag in a reusable plastic cereal box container.
  8. Be prepared – The best accessory for any car is an emergency kit, packed with items you’ll need for the unexpected, including jumper cables, blankets, first aid kit, tire sealant, drinking water, snacks, and other necessities. Place everything in a durable, waterproof bag and slip into your trunk.

While Annointed Hands can’t keep your vehicle in tip-top shape (we’ll leave that your neighborhood car wash!), we can clean the house you drive home to! With our green products, eye for detail and focus on customer satisfaction, we take one less worry off your very busy mind. To learn more about our services and to get your free estimate, contact Annointed Hands residential cleaning in the Metro East today.