Between the blazing heat and the pop-up thunderstorms, us St. Louisans get just a handful of cool, dry days each summer to spend outside. But even inside your air-conditioned abode, you can still enjoy the beauty of nature by bringing a little of the outdoors home.

Savvy decorators and fashion-forward homeowners have come to realize Mother Nature is one of the best interior designers around. From the rich, deep shades of wood she colors to the soothing greens of succulents that provide an immediate sense of calm, it’s not surprising “natural” and “organic” continue to be two of the biggest home decorating trends today. Best of all, some of her best work is completely free to you!

Here are eight simple ways to go the natural decorating route:

  1. Get fruity – For a quick burst of color, simply fill a bowl or clear vase with fresh fruit. Green apples look dramatic in an all-white room, limes playfully blend with turquoise, and pears tie in elegantly with dark wood furniture.
  2. Choose natural textures and fibers – Natural fiber rugs weaved from sisal or seagrass immediately warm up a room and are often less expensive than manufactured options. Add visual interest with a hemp club chair or a braided jute ottoman. Even a few high-quality dark wooden baskets are a simple way to add natural elegance.
  3. Shake up your succulents – Succulents continue to be a hot decorating choice since they’re low maintenance and visually appealing. Bring together a mix of shapes and sizes in an old wooden vertical planter, a vintage serving bowl or a hanging terrarium. Or, take it to the next step with a permanent succulent centerpiece with a table built around it.
  4. Turn your windowsill into a garden – Find a few small, stylish metal or ceramic containers and plant some of your favorite herbs. Not only do they look beautiful in the natural light, you can quickly clip a few leaves for cooking and cleaning, Lavender, for instance, can take smells out of carpet when blended with baking soda into a rug powder. Rosemary adds a beautiful scent to homemade cleaning solutions and is a powerful disinfectant.
  5. Branch out – One of the simplest ways to bring nature indoors are found branches. A twisty manzanita branch can wake up a bland wall or it can be spray-painted and used as tabletop piece. Try dressing up a cheap lamp from the discount store by painting branches of varying heights and affixing them to the spindle.
  6. Go beachy – Seashells, coral and starfish can help you drift away – at least mentally – to the seaside. Add a few to a shelf alongside storage containers. To complement the natural tones, display them on a vibrant colored shelf painted in a deep navy or Celeron.
  7. Get creative with barn wood – A simple piece of reclaimed barn wood becomes the foundation for a stunning centerpiece. This unexpected flip on a traditional table runner becomes even more eye-catching when you add brightly colored fruits and subtle stones that play off the richness of the wood.
  8. Let the sunshine in – The simplest way to change up the look of a room is to open the blinds! Even better, it improves your overall mood. Psychologists found natural light improves productivity, sleep patterns and overall vitality.

Annointed Hands cleaning service in Southern Illinois can help you get the most from your natural selections by keeping them dirt- and dust-free. Plus, with our green cleaning solutions, we can keep your home looking and smelling fresh without using nasty chemicals that can compromise your air quality. For your free green cleaning quote, contact our team today.