You’re all set to BBQ – you’ve dry-rubbed the ribs, grabbed your favorite tongs, and whipped up your secret lip-smacking sauce. But is your grill ready for dinner?

To protect the health of your hungry friends and family this summer, it’s important to be sure your grill is in tip-top shape every time you cook. From checking gas lines to scrubbing away dangerous residue, a little extra maintenance can reduce the risks that come with one of St. Louis’ favorite pastimes.

  • Determine how often to clean your grill. As a master home griller, you need to find the right balance of “clean.” If your grill is too dirty, it can leave a coating of grime and carcinogens on your burgers. Too clean and you lose that “seasoning” that helps maintain even cooking temperatures. Grill manufacturer Weber, for instance, recommends a basic cleaning once a month for proper grill maintenance.
  • If you use gas, check your lines. Every few weeks, put some soapy water around the gas lines when the propane is on. If you see bubbles begin to form, tighten the connections, or if needed, replace the faulty line altogether.
  • Scrub the grate. Most grillers are partial to wire grill brushes, but they can leave behind sharp, dangerous bristles that embed themselves in burgers or steaks. According to CNN, 130 Americans end up in the ER each year with grill brush injuries! A better option is to use a nylon bristle brush or a ball of aluminum foil with tongs to scrub the grates while they’re still warm. Or, remove the grates with work gloves and submerge in warm, soapy water before wiping away the grit.
  • Get under the hood. Once the grill is cool, use the brush to wipe away the carbon and ash that accumulates under the hood. Then use a clean, damp towel to lift away the grease, seasoning, and ash from the grill walls and give the catch-pan a good scrubbing. If you use a charcoal grill, empty and clean the ash catcher.
  • Let your grill shine. Use a specialty cleaner for porcelain grills or stainless-steel spray or wipes for a traditional model. Or simply, use warm soap water to wipe off ash and grime and give it a good rinse to remove any residue. Be sure to check your storage cabinets and shelving of your grill as well to eliminate dirt and debris.
  • Make cleaning easier the next time around. The best way to reduce your cleaning time in the future is to adequately prep your grill each time you cook. Before firing up the grill, coat the grates with cooking spray or wipe them down with your favorite high-temperature cooking oil like corn or peanut.

While you’re busy maintaining your grill and the exterior of your home this summer, let Annointed Hands tackle the inside of your abode! When you’re not stuck indoors scrubbing, vacuuming, and cleaning, you have more time to enjoy evening and weekend BBQ’s all season long! To learn more about our residential cleaning services in the Metro East, contact us today for your free quote.